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Code of Conduct

The rules that lead Us

The Association recognizes and seeks to promote among its member responsible, accountable and legitimate Oil Marketing Companies to be efficient and effective to contribute to the welfare of society by creating sustainable wealth, employment and solutions to emerging challenges.
The Association is concerned with creating balance economic and social goals, while encouraging efficient use of resources and accountability in business practices.
The Association encourages the development and practice of safety, Healthy and Environmentally acceptable professional petroleum Industry.
In pursuit of these goals, the Association’s members will act with integrity probity, accountability and transparency in pursuit of their business objectives by ensuring:
  1. Strict compliance with all the laws of the country.
  2. Strict compliance with anti-trust legislation of Ghana.
  3. None engagement in product dumping and adulteration practices.
  4. Quality standards and responsibility to customers.
  5. Respect and integrity amongst members.
  6. Transparency and accountability.
  7. A high degree of social responsibility.
  8. High Safety, Health and Environmental Standards
  9. Fair competition without conflict of interest.
  10. No engagement in bribery and corruption
  11. Discharging all obligations to he Association including prompt payment of dues and levies, active participation in all activities of the Association.
  12. No engagement in any practices that may bring the Association into disrepute
Finally in pursuance with the objectives, the Association will seek to be an effective partner for growth in the country.