Xpress Gas, a leading Ghanaian LPG marketing company in Ghana has launched a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) delivery and point of sale (POS) innovation in the Kwahu Afram Plains Districts of Ghana.

The LPG point of sale, which is the first of its kind, in the Afram Plains is aimed at directly connecting LPG users within the Afram Plains to the national LPG (cooking gas) distribution network.

Addressing guests and dignitaries at the launch, Mr. Peter Abalansa, the Head of Sales at Xpress Gas said Xpress Gas has over the years made a significant investment in cylinder distribution, especially to people in remote districts and communities in Ghana with the sole aim of making gas available, accessible, and affordable to everyone.

“We have invested in over one million gas cylinders and accessories with the goal of connecting as many households to cooking gas as quickly as possible,” Mr. Abalansa said.

He indicated that Xpress Gas was committed to reducing one of the main barriers to access which is the cost of gas cylinder ownership and proximity.

He expressed the company’s desire to ensure that no domestic kitchen within Ghana was left behind in its clean energy development aspirations for the country.

XpressGas has thus developed an innovative and transformative delivery service that provides the LPG connection infrastructure so that new and existing LPG users do not have to pay for the cylinder but only pay for the gas.

The Director in charge of downstream business at the Ministry of Energy, Mr. Ali Nuhu, applauded the effort of Xpress Gas through their various initiatives in complementing the government’s sustainable energy for all action plan that seeks to increase LPG adoption to 50 percent of LPG to Ghanaian He stated access to readily available and affordable LPG was the primary objective of the government of Ghana’s Rural LPG Promotion Program which was rolled out in 2013 with the aim of encouraging rural and underserved communities to make LPG the primary cooking fuel.

“Government has undertaken various interventions such as distribution of LPG equipment and accessories and financial incentives such as subsidies in the past to stimulate and encourage the use of LPG in the past,” he said.

Mr. Nuhu said the overdependence on charcoal and firewood has led to acute and unsustainable deforestation rates in Ghana, adding that LPG was a cleaner alternative to charcoal and firewood.

The AOMC also congratulated the management of Xpress Gas, for their continuing efforts to make LPG available, affordable, and accessible to all communities in Ghana, including the Afram plains.

They further assured Xpress Gas of their continued support for the endeavours and efforts to expand and promote LPG utilization in Ghana.

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