The Upper East Regional office of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has embarked on an exercise to clamp down on 16 illegal reseller outlets popularly known as ‘gao gao’ in the region.

The region had observed an alarming proliferation of these reseller outlets in areas such as Pelungu, Duusi, Gbane Shiega, Tongo, Gaare, Chuchuliga, Bolga Soe, Sirigu, Bongo, Zonno, Namolga, Sakote, Zorko and Kpale, selling petroleum products without authorization from NPA.

Mr Bashiru Natogma, the Upper West Regional Manager of NPA, who made the disclosure to the media in an interview said the NPA Act prohibits any person, other than one licensed under the Act, from being in a possession of a petroleum product in quantities unreasonably in excess of that person’s immediate requirement.

He said those outlets lacked the necessary safety measures and infrastructure to handle and store petroleum products safely.
The Regional Manager enumerated that “some of them often operate in close proximity to public spaces, increasing the risk of accidents and fire outbreaks. The absence of proper or adequate fire prevention systems such as firefighting equipment and trained personnel further exacerbates these dangers.”

Mr. Natogma said the operation was to uphold the quality, pricing, and safety in retailing of petroleum products.

He advised the public about the risk associated with purchasing petroleum products from unauthorized reseller outlets and encouraged them to purchase petroleum products from authorized reseller outlets and fuel stations.

The Regional Boss further cautioned Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) engaging in this illegal act to desist from it and seek proper guidance to legally operate reseller outlets.

He warned that OMCs caught supplying petroleum products to these unauthorized reseller outlets will be severely sanctioned by the regulator.

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