The Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMC) took conformity to industry standards, adherence to safety protocols and customer experience to the pump on Friday, April 12th, 2024, with a surprise mystery shopping program led by the CEO/Industry Coordinator himself Dr. Riverson Oppong. Focusing on member petroleum retail outlets located in and around Spintex, Accra, the program aimed to assess various aspects of station conditions, adherence to safety protocols and international best practices.

CEO Leads by Example

“AOMC has been prioritizing safety and exceptional service at all member Petroleum Retail Outlets,” said Dr. Riverson Oppong who lead the mystery shopping team. “This unannounced program demonstrates our commitment to setting high standards and working directly with member Petroleum Retail Outlets to ensure safety and consistent excellence across the Spintex area.”


Beyond the Pump: Assessing the Customer Journey

The AOMC team evaluated stations on a range of criteria beyond just fuel availability:

  • Customer Service
    • Mystery shoppers interacted with staff, gauging their friendliness, helpfulness, professionalism and product knowledge.
  • Station Conditions
    • The program assessed the cleanliness, orderliness, and functionality of the forecourt (pumping area) and tank farm.
  • Safety and Compliance
    • The team observed the use of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) by staff, safe product handling practices, the presence of fire extinguishers and spill kits, and adherence to National Petroleum Authority (NPA) guidelines.


A Roadmap for Improvement

A detailed report will be released shortly, outlining the program’s findings. However, the AOMC highlighted its commitment to using these insights for positive change:

  • Collaboration with Spintex member Petroleum Retail Outlets
    • AOMC will work with member Petroleum Retail Outlets in and around Spintex to address any identified weaknesses and implement international best practices.
  • Targeted Training Programs
    • Based on the report, specific training programs will be developed to enhance staff’s customer service skills, product knowledge and safety awareness.
  • Industry-Wide Sharing
    • Learnings and best practices identified through the program will be shared with the wider downstream petroleum industry.


Prioritizing Customer Experience and Safety

AOMC emphasizes the program’s benefits for Spintex residents and all Ghanaian consumers:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
    • The mystery shopping program paves the way for a more positive experience at Spintex Petroleum Retail Outlets, with improved customer service and station conditions.
  • Safety First
    • By promoting safe practices and compliance, the program directly benefits consumers by ensuring a safer environment at Petroleum Retail Outlets.
  • Benchmarking for Improvement
    • The program allows for comparisons between Spintex Petroleum Retail Outlets, fostering a spirit of continuous improvement across the entire downstream petroleum industry.


AOMC’s Leadership in Action

The AOMC’s commitment extends beyond words. By taking a hands-on approach with the CEO leading the mystery shopping program, AOMC demonstrates its dedication to continuous improvement. This commitment ensures a thriving and responsible downstream petroleum industry, particularly within the Spintex area, prioritizing customer service, safety, and compliance.


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